Welcome to Pint of Wine

Pint of Wine is a theatre company with a plan.

We look to challenge. We look to disrupt. We look to engage. We look to surprise. And we look to grow.

Pint of Wine is an innovative theatre company that provides opportunities for artists, technicians and practitioners to push the limits on how theatre should be done. We seek to challenge the conventions on how theatre should be presented and look to be disruptive in what is understood of and expected from the London fringe theatre scene.

We look to be creative in our choice of source material and to question how and where works are to be presented, always examining how to best engage with a modern audience.


We believe in development

We seek to provide adequate time and resources for our creative teams to develop their work and to provide for their appropriate realisation – to allow them to think innovatively and maximise their potential. We seek to work with emerging artists and providing a collaborative process where they can work with other leading creatives ensuring adequate support and resources to implement their vision and deliver what is expected from them as part of the process. At the forefront of the operation is a collaborative approach to productions. We believe that each person in the creative process is an important member of the team and our success comes from our collective energies. We seek to ensure every member of the cast and creative team are stakeholders in each production we undertake.


Doing things the right way…

Blake Klein, Creative Producer and founder of Pint of Wine Theatre Company, took time out from preparing for Queen of the Mist   to explain to Richard Voyce – of theatre review website playstosee.com – what drove him to set up and the company and what the plans are for the immediate future. “With Pint ...

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